Friday, October 30, 2009

Where To Work After College

The work world can be devided into two categories. The first being working for some one else. The second being work for yourself. I am a big fan of the second because of the iniative and risk involved. For example someone might decide to start selling jellies that they created with the end goal of getting a franchise contract and building a company. People in the former category would be working for the company. If you are working for yourself there is a general stigma until you find financial success. Many people have a hard time dealing with it and the patients required to develop something that has legs. But with the infinite expance of things to do in both most people are left with limitless options. This is good. Work hard, be productive with concrete goals but also be continually learning and getting into new things. This includes travelling far away, meeting new people, and finding pleasure in new non job related activities. Balance and maintaining a healthy life perspective is essential. Most people who are one track, extremely critical of themselves, or expect the world to hand stuff to them often end up in a prison in their head. Seek your freedom and your dreams and not that of what others want of you. That is what starting the first quarter of your real life is all about. Jobs are really secondary. Your piece of mind is everything. And never be afraid of grad school. College gets stigma of being worthless but never give what others say much credit because what they say about you only applies to them.


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