Friday, October 30, 2009

Where To Live After College

There are many options for housing after college. Most college students actually move back home. This may be good if your parents live in an area with an abundence of jobs and things to do. Also this may be a good idea if you get along well with your parents and they really want this for you. Moving back with your parents is a bad idea if they explicitly express the desire for you to move on and into the world as an adult.

Other college students move into apartments. Most major cities have reasonably priced housing that is the equivalent of a crash pad. Getting a shower and having clean clothes are very necessary elements of getting into the job market.

Some college graduates are non traditional. They may live on a permanent life camping trip. A sizable portion of the population in many countries are functionally nomadic. They travel for pleasure and for work and often do find good opportunities as they come. There are many advantages to this including the price of living and getting off the grid offers freedom and non traditional lifestyle means that could bring greater success and happiness.

Other students go right into property ownership. People may do this on a gamble for a return off of a loan or because they have the wealth. This is a good idea if you want to live in a certain place for awhile. Having a place in the community can help legitimize your presence for jobs. The down side is in light of the recent economic storm many millions of people are finding out what a mistake it is to gamble on the economy. They are now homeless instead of home owners if they had just gotten an apartment like every one else of their buying power and saved money.

Many other living situations apply to college graduates including living on couches of various people or whatever. Keep in mind that chasing jobs is a great way to enter the rat race which is the ultimate trap. That is what people tell me.


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