Friday, October 30, 2009

What To Eat After College

Many college students are used to dining on a shoe string but many do not pay much attention to their health. As they leave college and their body starts aging nutrition is more important than ever. This is a good time to start eating some fruits and vegetables every day as well as real foods with regular non processed ingredients. Grocery stores, super discount stores and other options are more financially sound than going to fast food or restaurants. Generally money saved from not doing the rounds at the various quick grab joints is substantial.

It is vital that college graduates get food that can spoil if not kept cool. The reason for this is that these foods have less preservatives than their shelf counter parts. For example a container of juice kept cool is less pasteurized and processed and usually is more fruit preferably 100%. And ideally if you have any kind of yard it is best to grow a garden with edible plants and trees so you can save even more money, and get food that is that much fresher.

It is also important to study nutrition for overall balance. Food must cleanse all of your organs and restore vital enzymes, micro nutrients, electrolytes, probiotics, and on down the list. Food should make your body feel better after you eat it. That is just a thought.


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