Friday, October 30, 2009

What To Do After College

One of the hardest things in life is transitioning from college to the real world. The two are effectively apples and bannanas. Some people are well connected and do their dream jobs while others are stuck in a slave like state working jobs worse than they had ever planned. One concept is going to a location that you have always dreamed of going and try surviving. Life is short and often real dreams are put off when a person makes the commitment to go through college. Certain locations that you like will generate more opportunities to succeed. There is a big misconception in the internet generation that all networking and work is done online. This assumption is false as most groundwork is still with real people and real situations to get work. Do not feel pressured to do stuff that you do not want to do. Often if you have a conflict your inner mind is actually telling you the right thing to do. When you do that there is a thing called destiny. Even though destiny is almost never as incredible as it is in though destiny is a strong force and when ignored often leads to people feeling a bit down. Listen to those inner voices. What do you really have to loose. Security is way over rated and a delusion because generally if you are doing what you love great security will be generated.

When you are done with college is an excellent time to break with friends and family and enter the world as we know it. Obviously some people remain with their family due to financial reasons but it is necessary to gain a greater independence and understand that this is really the time to shine. This is the moment of truth when things really need to happen.

Once you have a good situation it is important to try new things and always be dabbling and never satisfied even if this means consuming a vast ammount of reasources to really get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


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