Friday, October 30, 2009

The Biggest Mistake That College Graduates Make

Most college graduates are go getters. They hurry into the real world. They end up employed in their major, working some random job, or hopelessly unemployed within days of graduating. They then go into holding patterns that make them unhappy reguardless of what they are into. Few people take the time, and resources to try and gain some perspective on their college years and where they are going in life. This may mean giving yourself a vacation or break. It is common if college alumni love their college to hang there awhile and work at the school part time. This can be a good way of slowly transitioning to life. Working in schools is different from the real world in that few enterprises have an environment like a college. Colleges do have decent resources, museums, libraries and organizations that go slack around the breaks and summer. This can be a good time to try some employment and get your foot into the door of working at the recreation center or library for instance. These jobs can be annoying and boring but at least they are more social than the real work world. Also it is fun getting the staff parking right by the doors of the buildings. Other options may include working for summer camps. Most summer camps have a difficult time finding people to fully staff their facilities. Generally summer camps pay low salaries and the jobs are less than ideal but they can make good excuse to take the summer off and put an interesting thing or two on your job application. Other options include fields schools and internships related to your college. In that case you may extend your stay where they already granted your degree but now you are gaining extra credits. You can often be a trained assistant in these situations and land a gig helping the teachers in the fall with their teaching and research. It may also be a good idea to take a long road trip or trek through far away distant lands. Even sail the seven seas while you are at it. Enjoy the adventure of these youthful days where you channel the energy from your accomplishments in school that landed you a paper with a shiny seal. Expand your life and mind. It is now or never.


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