Monday, November 9, 2009

Finding Apartments Or Housing To Rent After College Graduation

Most major cities have a large variety of apartments to choose from. There are often various price points, locations, and amenities to consider. Many times an apartment that is high priced will have a better location, better hook up of utilities and Internet, and may be quieter as well. But if the economy is tanked many people consider settling for the cheapest apartment and riding out the storm. Regardless it may help to spend some serious time browsing Craig's List until you find the perfect room. If you have a place to crash than time is not the essence. Take seriously where you live because it can affect your whole life. For example people who live on a really busy street or dangerous area may end up with an array of circumstances that may effect their ability to succeed and be happy in their life. Also consider who you live with. Make sure that you engineer your life because choices exist for a reason.


Friday, October 30, 2009

The Biggest Mistake That College Graduates Make

Most college graduates are go getters. They hurry into the real world. They end up employed in their major, working some random job, or hopelessly unemployed within days of graduating. They then go into holding patterns that make them unhappy reguardless of what they are into. Few people take the time, and resources to try and gain some perspective on their college years and where they are going in life. This may mean giving yourself a vacation or break. It is common if college alumni love their college to hang there awhile and work at the school part time. This can be a good way of slowly transitioning to life. Working in schools is different from the real world in that few enterprises have an environment like a college. Colleges do have decent resources, museums, libraries and organizations that go slack around the breaks and summer. This can be a good time to try some employment and get your foot into the door of working at the recreation center or library for instance. These jobs can be annoying and boring but at least they are more social than the real work world. Also it is fun getting the staff parking right by the doors of the buildings. Other options may include working for summer camps. Most summer camps have a difficult time finding people to fully staff their facilities. Generally summer camps pay low salaries and the jobs are less than ideal but they can make good excuse to take the summer off and put an interesting thing or two on your job application. Other options include fields schools and internships related to your college. In that case you may extend your stay where they already granted your degree but now you are gaining extra credits. You can often be a trained assistant in these situations and land a gig helping the teachers in the fall with their teaching and research. It may also be a good idea to take a long road trip or trek through far away distant lands. Even sail the seven seas while you are at it. Enjoy the adventure of these youthful days where you channel the energy from your accomplishments in school that landed you a paper with a shiny seal. Expand your life and mind. It is now or never.


Where To Work After College

The work world can be devided into two categories. The first being working for some one else. The second being work for yourself. I am a big fan of the second because of the iniative and risk involved. For example someone might decide to start selling jellies that they created with the end goal of getting a franchise contract and building a company. People in the former category would be working for the company. If you are working for yourself there is a general stigma until you find financial success. Many people have a hard time dealing with it and the patients required to develop something that has legs. But with the infinite expance of things to do in both most people are left with limitless options. This is good. Work hard, be productive with concrete goals but also be continually learning and getting into new things. This includes travelling far away, meeting new people, and finding pleasure in new non job related activities. Balance and maintaining a healthy life perspective is essential. Most people who are one track, extremely critical of themselves, or expect the world to hand stuff to them often end up in a prison in their head. Seek your freedom and your dreams and not that of what others want of you. That is what starting the first quarter of your real life is all about. Jobs are really secondary. Your piece of mind is everything. And never be afraid of grad school. College gets stigma of being worthless but never give what others say much credit because what they say about you only applies to them.


What To Eat After College

Many college students are used to dining on a shoe string but many do not pay much attention to their health. As they leave college and their body starts aging nutrition is more important than ever. This is a good time to start eating some fruits and vegetables every day as well as real foods with regular non processed ingredients. Grocery stores, super discount stores and other options are more financially sound than going to fast food or restaurants. Generally money saved from not doing the rounds at the various quick grab joints is substantial.

It is vital that college graduates get food that can spoil if not kept cool. The reason for this is that these foods have less preservatives than their shelf counter parts. For example a container of juice kept cool is less pasteurized and processed and usually is more fruit preferably 100%. And ideally if you have any kind of yard it is best to grow a garden with edible plants and trees so you can save even more money, and get food that is that much fresher.

It is also important to study nutrition for overall balance. Food must cleanse all of your organs and restore vital enzymes, micro nutrients, electrolytes, probiotics, and on down the list. Food should make your body feel better after you eat it. That is just a thought.


Where To Live After College

There are many options for housing after college. Most college students actually move back home. This may be good if your parents live in an area with an abundence of jobs and things to do. Also this may be a good idea if you get along well with your parents and they really want this for you. Moving back with your parents is a bad idea if they explicitly express the desire for you to move on and into the world as an adult.

Other college students move into apartments. Most major cities have reasonably priced housing that is the equivalent of a crash pad. Getting a shower and having clean clothes are very necessary elements of getting into the job market.

Some college graduates are non traditional. They may live on a permanent life camping trip. A sizable portion of the population in many countries are functionally nomadic. They travel for pleasure and for work and often do find good opportunities as they come. There are many advantages to this including the price of living and getting off the grid offers freedom and non traditional lifestyle means that could bring greater success and happiness.

Other students go right into property ownership. People may do this on a gamble for a return off of a loan or because they have the wealth. This is a good idea if you want to live in a certain place for awhile. Having a place in the community can help legitimize your presence for jobs. The down side is in light of the recent economic storm many millions of people are finding out what a mistake it is to gamble on the economy. They are now homeless instead of home owners if they had just gotten an apartment like every one else of their buying power and saved money.

Many other living situations apply to college graduates including living on couches of various people or whatever. Keep in mind that chasing jobs is a great way to enter the rat race which is the ultimate trap. That is what people tell me.


What To Do After College

One of the hardest things in life is transitioning from college to the real world. The two are effectively apples and bannanas. Some people are well connected and do their dream jobs while others are stuck in a slave like state working jobs worse than they had ever planned. One concept is going to a location that you have always dreamed of going and try surviving. Life is short and often real dreams are put off when a person makes the commitment to go through college. Certain locations that you like will generate more opportunities to succeed. There is a big misconception in the internet generation that all networking and work is done online. This assumption is false as most groundwork is still with real people and real situations to get work. Do not feel pressured to do stuff that you do not want to do. Often if you have a conflict your inner mind is actually telling you the right thing to do. When you do that there is a thing called destiny. Even though destiny is almost never as incredible as it is in though destiny is a strong force and when ignored often leads to people feeling a bit down. Listen to those inner voices. What do you really have to loose. Security is way over rated and a delusion because generally if you are doing what you love great security will be generated.

When you are done with college is an excellent time to break with friends and family and enter the world as we know it. Obviously some people remain with their family due to financial reasons but it is necessary to gain a greater independence and understand that this is really the time to shine. This is the moment of truth when things really need to happen.

Once you have a good situation it is important to try new things and always be dabbling and never satisfied even if this means consuming a vast ammount of reasources to really get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


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